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Medbeat Healthcare is a renowned PCD pharmaceutical company committed to improve healthcare outcomes by providing high quality pharmaceutical products. With a strong focus on innovation, reliability, and customer-centricity, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for healthcare professionals and patients.

Medbeat Healthcare is the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Organization devoted towards the upliftment of well-being as well as health of the people through its great product designs and authorised processes. We grant assistance and solutions to meet the fluctuating necessities of the purchasers assuring consistent quality and well-timed delivery at competing price.

We are also dealing in Third Party Manufacturing Services. As a leading pharmaceutical company, we specialize in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products that meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and quality. With an experienced staff and well organised management structure we provide our customers with all kind of information related to our products.

We are trying to reach every corner of India as well as some international countries with wide availability through power packed direct market & franchisee market. Our well-designed organizational culture, high degree of motivation among employees and the management team who make their way to success by coming up with innovative short and long term strategies helps our company to fulfil the needs of every

The three key factors which plays an important role in the growth of our company are-

  • Effective and efficient logistics
  • Wide availability
  • Customer oriented

We invite you to explore our PCD pharmaceutical company and discover the potential for growth and success that awaits you. Learn more about our product offerings, support services, and the rewarding business opportunities we offer. Thank you for visiting our web page, and we look forward to embarking on a fruitful partnership that brings positive change to the healthcare industry.

Advantages of partnering with us

The best pharma franchise company in India

Know More about PCD Pharma Franchise

Pharma Franchise is a franchise business. Let’s understand what a franchise business is. When a company gives permission to a person or other company to sell its products by their name. It is called franchising a business. A franchise is an agreement between the franchisee and the franchiser. The franchisee is the entrepreneur that is going to buy the franchise from the larger company also known as the franchiser.
Same as Pharma Franchise, Pharma PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) Franchise refers authorization of distribution and marketing rights at monopoly basis provided by a pharmaceutical firm to Pharma distributor to use their company name or brand name on behalf of the company. PCD Full Form – Propaganda cum Distribution
No, both PCD and Pharma Franchise are the same thing.
To start the Pharma business, a drug license is required. The central drugs standard control organization and state drugs standard control organization issue the drug license in India. Normally, the drug control organization issues two types DL, one is Retail drug license which is issued to a person who runs a chemist shop and another one is a Wholesale drug license which is issued to a person who wants to sell drugs on a wholesale level. In some states, retail drug license is issued only to that person who possesses the degree or diploma in Pharma from the recognized university.
Generic medicines are the same as compare to ethical medicines in all aspects i.e. strength, dosage, efficacy, results, uses, etc. but it is cheap in price as compared to branded or ethical products. Same is the case with PCD franchise medicine; the same medicine is used as in case of generic and ethical. The only difference is the channel of distribution. We cannot say which medicine is better, medicine is the same, the manufacturing process is the same, and raw material origin is the same. The difference is created by the marketing team.
  • We offer high quality PCD pharma products having the best-in-class packing manufactured in renowned manufacturing units accredited with WHO/ISO and GMP certifications and acknowledged for purity and accurate composition.
  • There are no fixed monthly targets. You can have yearly targets, if you want to incentivize your performance.
  • We strictly adhere to monopoly rights and do not entertain any business enquiry from any covered area.
  • Amongst the top Pharma Franchise companies in India, Albia Biocare offers lucrative schemes on bulk purchases, which will help you build a bigger business much faster.
  • We support by providing high quality, authentic promotional material.